Friday, November 30, 2001

These tears are burning through again
I can't seem to hold them back
Close my eyes and hold them shut
As if this was ever a realistic thought
Ill never be more than the slave we all knew
No matter how long I fight
I'll always lose
My own thoughts are dead
Revive these demons
I can not control
No more will
No more strength
Calling out one more time
With this napalm rose in my hand
Here my cries come and save
Before it falls and burns yet another hole
My cigarette burned heart now bleeds
As all thoughts of hope now flee
Call your name one more time
Still alone, no one ever cared
Sweet poison fill these veins
And calm this troubled wandering mind
Numb this thought of doubt
And hold me true
Forget all which troubles
And give me simple pleasure
Grip my soul
Hold my throat
I have lost all freedom
And this is all that is left

Thursday, November 29, 2001

I hope you enjoy these games you play
Pouring salt on my open wounds.
The gaping whole that was once my heart
Is now empty and cold
No more caring no more feelings
Only hatred fills this soul
Dont think I do things for u
I do things only because I care